How to Access Your Account Easily

What is KuCoin Login? KuCoin Login refers to the process of accessing your KuCoin account, which is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform. By logging in, you gain …

KuCoin Login - Why should it be used? And how to use it?

A good exchange of cryptos is usually hard to find. And it is even more difficult if you have a specific requirement like a platform that is not available for US traders. If you have the same requirement, then you are at the right content. Because the type of crypto exchange you are looking for is the KuCoin. This exchange was launched in the year 2017.

This is a guide that will provide you with all the necessary things about KuCoin exchange including its features, setup, and KuCoin login.

Is it worth it?

Yes, using this KuCoin exchange is definitely worth a try for outside US traders. If you are unconvinced then read this segment further.

  • More than 700 cryptocurrency pairs are offered.

  • Best security measures.

  • The charged trading fees is lower than the other average market fees.

How to create a new account?

The new traders think that registering on an exchange would take a lot of work to do. But in reality, it is the simplest thing to do. And if you want to know the process then continue reading our content further.

  1. Open the webpage of KuCoin.

  2. Now press on Sign Up.

  3. On the screen, you will be shown two options. One is either to sign up by email address and the second by using a contact number.

  4. If you have selected the email address, then tap on it. And if not then select the other option of mobile number.

  5. After you have decided enter the detail (either email address or mobile number) asked in the text box.

  6. Then create a password for your account.

  7. Now read the terms and conditions given.

  8. After reading it mark the box as checked.

  9. In the last step tap on ‘Sign Up’.

Now your fresh account has been registered on the KuCoin Exchange.

Guide for KuCoin login

The login procedure would be easy if at the time of creating the account you have allowed Google to save your account passcode. After getting to know the KuCoin login steps you will know why it was easy if you had saved the passcode.

  1. Go to the login page of KuCoin.

  2. Select the same option you chose at the time of registering your account (email or mobile number).

  3. Now if the credentials were saved on Google, it would have automatically filled all the required details. This would also resolve the issue of remembering the password.

  4. And if the password was not saved then enter the asked details manually.

  5. Tap ‘Login’.

  6. A small test is to be completed for getting access.

Wait for the processing to be completed and then start using your crypto journey.

The Bottom Line

This platform has those features that are enough to attract both types of investors either a newbie or advanced. But there are some negative aspects also. The main demerit of this exchange is that it is not available to the residents of the United States. And because of this, it makes it a little disadvantageous crypto exchange. But other than that this exchange is must try for outside US residents.

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